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WV University now offers high quality language courses through Speexx, a leading provider of cloud-based online language training solutions.  Speexx Basic utilizes an immersive style of learning to effectively refresh and improve your language skills.

Click the links below to view specific courses (will prompt login).  Please review the Speexx User Guide before starting your courses.

  • FRENCH with interface in English and Spanish
  • SPANISH with interface in English and French
  • ENGLISH with interface in English, Spanish and French
  • Placement Tests are also available for those who are not beginners
 What You Need to Know
  • The software works best with Internet Explorer, though Firefox and Chrome are also supported.
  • Courses operate outside of WV University once you start them, so you will be asked to create a user profile on the Speexx website when you begin your first course.
  • Placement tests expire after 90 days, and language courses expire after 12 months. Please enroll only if you can complete the courses within the time period available.
  • Please read the Speexx User Guide before starting your courses!  It contains instructions on how to navigate the software and ensure the best user experience.

For questions not addressed in the User Guide, click the Support page above for assistance.